Corporate Law

Corporate Law

We have a specialisation in Corporate Law and provide professional legal services for various corporate. We ensure and check the legality of all commercial transactions of the company or organisation for which they work. We also advise our clients regarding their duties and legal rights, our inclusive responsibilities and duties

Having a notable track record in advising our clients for all corporate transactions that are indispensable for their business’. We have, in-depth knowledge of business laws and corporate finance.We provide all legal assistance in execution of effective compliance and regulatory agreements covering distribution agreements, labour, and employment, joint ventures, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, intellectual property, due diligence, application of licenses and registrations, ensuring consumer protection and effective dispute resolution.

The corporate litigation Services offered:

i. Deceptive or Fraud Practice: Any business adopts fraudulent means to brand their products, or if there has been any misuse of intellectual property.

ii. Any employee or employer strife: Conflicts related with health or the right of the employee being attacked.

Banking and Finance: One of the main practice areas in the corporate law is Banking and Finance sector. We deal with Debt Restructuring, Syndicate lending, Acquisition. The services are offered to both public or private sector banks or financial companies.

International Capital Markets: Legals assistance for International capital market advice on the issuance of debt securities and exchangeable bonds, qualified institutional placements, covered bond programs, Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and work closely with Banks and Venture Capitalist.

Real Estate: Advice on the Real estate projects undertaken by the companies. Also prove advice on the joint ventures and property acquisition.

As our role of a corporate lawyer we represent corporate on the legal front. As a corporate Lawyer we legally assist in resolving  any controversy that is faced by the company and offer legal solutions for the same. We also can provide assistance in internal investigations to look over the attorney-client privilege so that it can be considered to shelter any potential wrong doing by the company.